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Praises for FEARLESS

“Ligon’s book also provides intimate detail about the actors and agendas that drove Norfolk’s politics for the second half of the 20th century. For anyone interested in the history of local power, the book is indispensable….Ligon’s biography of her mother is unquestionably kind. It’s also important.”      READ MORE
The Virginian-Pilot Book Review

“Once you read this thoughtful and information-filled book on her life, you will be grateful for her daughter’s dedication to share not only her mother’s legacy, but also, the love she devoted to her research in each sentence, page and chapter. I know I was!”  READ MORE
New Journal & Guide Book Review

“FEARLESS ought to be required reading for every high school student in Virginia. It is the inside story of the struggle for basic American rights, told from the perspective of those who lived through the oppression and fought for change. Any discussion of the impact of the poll tax or civil rights in Virginia, would be incomplete without an understanding of the life and accomplishments of Evelyn Butts.”
—CHUCK ROB, former Virginia governor and former US senator

Norfolk Mayor Kenneth Cooper Alexander, in his foreword for the book, said of Evelyn Butts, “What she accomplished as a voting rights champion truly spans the generations and deserves our continued recognition.”
—KENNETH COOPER ALEXANDER, Mayor, Norfolk, Virginia

“Charlene Ligon inspires the reader to look for “Evelyn T. Butts” in the dictionary under FEARLESS. Too often the story of women especially black women is untold or under reported in the civil and human rights success movement. FEARLESS captures the essence of brilliance and sacrifice of Mrs. Butts and her drive to make the world better for her family, her community, her nation…Another volume on Evelyn Butts & The Women of Virginia’s 3rd Force is in order. Read FEARLESS and have your faith restored in the power of one to make a positive difference for millions. No Evelyn Butts; no Governor Doug Wilder; no President Barack Obama!”
—RODNEY A. JORDAN, Chair, Norfolk School Board

Charlene Butts Ligon


Charlene Butts Ligon is the daughter of Evelyn Butts. She is a retired Air Force master sergeant and lives in Bellevue, Nebraska with her husband Robert. In 2017, she started her own publishing company Smallwood Charlotte Press. She is an entrepreneur, publisher and author. She is the Chair of the Sarpy County Democratic Party and Nebraska National Committeewoman, DNC member.